STETTIN Restaurant & Shopping GUIDE is a guide that helps you to find the best restaurants, stores, and attractions. The guide also contains a map of the downtown area and several coupons, so that you can save even more on a trip to Szczecin.

When you make a trip to Szczecin it is very easy to get the complete holiday or weekend trip practically for free. Are you looking forward to an inexpensive dentist bill? Would you like a tattoo?  Are you interested in shopping, etc.? Or would you really like to go out for an evening? Then Szczecin is the city where you can experience luxury for half the price. Discover the possibilities and you will easily have saved enough for a free holiday.
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You are welcome to call or write to us if you want to hear about the opportunities in Szczecin. We will be able to recommend a travel agency, a hotel or an apartment to you, or make reservations for you at a dentist, beauty salon, jewellery store or real estate agency.  Also, if you are looking for a recommendation regarding where to celebrate a birthday party, bachelor party, anniversary party, wedding, or to host a seminar, sales meeting or any other big get-together, please contact us. 

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